Naples Fishing Report

Fishing Report April – May Fishing 2018

Naples Fishing Report April – May 2018

Hello fellow anglers!
Well, this April and May have had their ups and downs moving from place to place to avoid a lingering red tide. In general though, we have had pretty good luck with the Trout. We have been fishing up in the deep canals leading into the Port Royal area of Naples where the water meets the multi-million dollar houses. We were able to avoid the red tide and the boat traffic while having good luck with fish. We have been catching Trout, Snapper, Sheepshead, Jacks, Ladyfish, Whiting, Black Drum and others.
Featured below are four different families of customers with one of their fish! First, we have some repeat customers,  the Perkins family from Greenwood, Indiana. Next, the Ratliff family from Baldwinsville, N.Y.  Then, the Clifford family from Tuxedo, N. Y.  Lastly, the Varin Group of 4 featuring the biggest trout of all. Great job guys and gals!
The red tide has blown back out to sea now, and we are in an excellent time of the year to fish!
Come join us soon on a Naples Fishing Charter!

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours

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Fishing Report February – March 2018

Naples Fishing Report February – March 2018

Hello from Naples, Florida!

Well, we have had the extremes in weather this year, so far. These extremes can really affect the fishing one way or another. The fishing report for January was that it was terrible! We had two weeks of really cold weather; down into the 30’s. The fish didn’t like it, nor did I. Let’s just say that I had a lot of time off since very few wanted to go out in the cold and fish.

February has had record high temps. We have basically went the whole month with highs in the high eighties. We set or tied records on most days. This weather the fish and customers loved.

Ending February and going into March we have been catching a large number of Pompano and some Trout! Fishing has been very consistent and lots of action! We are fishing in the backwater using jigs. We are fishing in the bays, channels, and inter-coastal waterways.

Featured happy customers below are: A guest of the Childs’ party from Pennsylvania. This group caught 8 Pompano and took home 5 for dinner. The Dunleavy family from Connecticut featuring their 17″ Seatrout. The Tobin family who reside here in Naples, FL. They are shown with a Pompano. The Brodsky family from New York, featuring a Pompano. The Fellows family from Minnesota with a Pompano!

March will sell out fast so book early! We look forward to guiding you on a Naples, Florida Fishing Charter soon!

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours

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Fishing Report December 2017

Naples Fishing Report December 2017

Hello Anglers!

The weather has finally returned to normal and hurricane season is finally over! The fishing has returned to normal, and we have been successful.

This time of year, we fish exclusively in the backwater. The backwater is salt water fishing, but in protected areas. There are never rough seas and sea sickness is never a problem.

We are catching Pompano, Trout, Ladyfish, Jacks, Whiting, and others. We are fishing with jigs. Below are some photos of some of our recent trips.

Shown are the Finkelstein family from Massachusetts with their 2 Pompano. Also, is the Millerick group from Chicago featuring “Redmond” with his Pompano, and the Lipuma family from Illinois with their Trout and Pompano. Everyone caught these fish and several others!

Come join us soon for a Naples backwater fishing charter!

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours

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Fishing Report June 2017

Naples Fishing Report June 2017

Hello Anglers!

Well, rainy season is here and early. We went from no rain hardly at all in May to near record setting rain for the first half of June. We are slipping in a few trips in between rainy days with some fair catches.

In the backwater, we are catching Snapper, Sheepshead, Jacks, Drum, Snook, Sharks and others. We are fishing the mangrove points in the bays and under the docks near the multi-million dollar homes. We are using shrimp for bait. The good thing about backwater is if a storm comes up on us, we are closer to the dock with a shorter drive. No need to worry about any rough seas.

Offshore, we are catching Grouper, Snapper, Sharks, Grunts, and Spanish Mackerel. We are fishing about seven miles out, and it is bottom fishing with squid or trolling for Spanish Mackerel. Featured below is Lindsay Pautler from Cleveland, Ohio. She and her three friends did a half day offshore fishing charter. They caught several sharks, grouper, snapper, grunts, and others. Great job!

Hope to catch ’em up with some more new friends, soon, on a Naples Fishing Charter!

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours


Fishing Report May 2017

Naples Fishing Report May 2017

Hi Anglers!

Well rain has been scarce for the month of May, in fact we are down about 6″ for the year, so far. This is a good thing for fishing in the backwater. On years like last year, where we were several inches over for the year and rainy season was in full swing in May, it created a lot of fresh water run off. This changes salinity and water color in some areas and was bad for backwater fishing. This year is the exact opposite and the backwater has been great. We are fishing under the docks in Port Royal and some mangrove points. We are catching Snapper, Sheepshead, Jacks, small Sharks, and Drum.

Featured below is Mr. Peter Lappin from Chicago. He and his girlfriend came out for some fishing and sightseeing on a 3 hour charter. Together, they landed this huge Black Drum! Great job guys!

Hope to see you soon on a Naples Fishing Charter!

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours


Fishing Report April 2017

Naples Fishing Report April 2017

Hello Naples Visitors!

Well, can you say wind? This has got to be the windiest Winter/Spring that I ever remember. The wind is our enemy while fishing. It stirs up the waters and changes the color darker than what would be average. It will definitely slow down the bite and send you scrambling around all over the place with your customers for cleaner water. We have had some great trips and some trips that were extremely difficult, to say the least. It is frustrating for me and for the customers, as you can imagine. The least number of fish caught on a trip in April was four and the most fish caught this April was forty-four. What we have been catching are mainly Trout and Snapper. Mixed in with those are some Sheepshead, Jacks, Ladyfish, one Shark, Whiting, and others. We have been fishing with shrimp near the mangroves and up in the canals of Port Royal. Featured below is the Stillman family from Racine, Wisconsin. They caught Trout, Snapper, Sheepshead, and others while fishing in Naples with us! Nice family and great anglers!

Looking forward to the month of May, meeting new people and having some outstanding fishing!

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours

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Fishing Report March 2017

Naples Fishing Report March 2017

Hi fellow anglers,

Well, March has been crazy here in Naples. Not only is it the busiest month of the year, but the weather has been crazy, as well. One week near record heat and another near record cold! Lots of wind, and a deficit on rainfall.

Anyway, Snook season is now here. You could catch Snook, Trout, Pompano, Sheepshead, Snapper, Ladyfish, Whiting, Jacks, and others. We are staying in the backwater where winds are not an issue, as far as being able to get out and fish. The trick has been finding clean water all month with the winds. We are fishing up in the Port Royal area. These are dead end canals, man made, surrounded by the famous Multi-million dollar homes. If it pains you to look at them, then just close your eyes and fish anyway, :). This is because the fish don’t know they are there. All they know is that the water is clean, there are plenty of docks for structure, and grass on the bottom that the trout love. It is a secluded area where you won’t have to be bombarded with a thousand boats and jet skis whizzing by.

Featured below are some photos with recent customers. Featured are Seatrout and Sheepshead. These are both good eating fish and very common this time of year.

Come fish with us soon on a backwater fishing charter in Naples!

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours


Fishing Report February 2017

Naples Fishing Report February 2017

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s that time of year where the water is cold. December through February is Naples coldest time and when the water temperature is at its coldest. It will be warming up soon, as soon as these cold fronts give us a break. The Pompano and Trout like it though, as well as the Sheepshead and Snapper. Occasionally, we catch some Bluefish, as well. We are fishing with shrimp and/or jigs.

Shown in the photo below, is the Haslett family from New Jersey, with this nice Sheepshead! We filleted this up for them as well as some trout! In the other photo is the Loffredo group from Chicago with a Bluefish!

We are mainly fishing in the backwater this time of year where there are no rough seas and the scenery is beautiful!

Come join us soon for a Backwater fishing charter in Naples, Florida!

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours

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Fishing Report December 2016 – January 2017

December – January Fishing Report

Hello fellow anglers!

This December, and into January, has been record heat here in Naples, Florida; some of the fish have set some records, as well! We have been running about ten degrees above average and the fish are liking it! Usually this time of year, when its get cold out, the fishing can be challenging, but that’s not the case this year!

We have had some windy days in which we fish primarily in the backwater. You can expect to catch Pompano, Trout, Sheepshead, Snapper, Ladyfish, Jacks, and others.

Featured below are some of our customers on some recent Naples Fishing Charters.

First off is Mr. Stahly, a local resident with his Seatrout! He was generous and let my family have it for dinner! Thank you Mr. Stahly, it was delicious! Next featured is the Atkins family from Findlay, Ohio. They brought in 5 keeper Sheepshead and this Trout featured below! Great Job! Next mentioned is Mr. Bryan Howe; a local resident. He caught this 17″ Pompano! Beautiful fish! Last but not least is Mr. Mathew Goodier and his son from Chadds Ford, PA. They were great fishermen! To show for it was this second biggest Pompano ever caught on our boat! It was a 19″ Pompano! Great job everyone, and it was a pleasure to fish with you! I appreciate your business!

Hope to see new and old customers alike this January on a Fishing Charter in Naples, FL.

Captain Kevin Bill
Day Star Charters – Naples Florida Fishing Charters and Boat Tours

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Fishing Report August – September 2016

Naples Fishing Report for August – September 2016

Hello Anglers,

Fishing has been hot here in Naples FL! During the months of late August and September the fishing is great, however it is our slowest time of year for visitors. So, I was able to take my own family out and put some meat in the freezer! We went offshore where the seas were flat calm and the fish were popping everywhere! Featured below are four of my kids – Hannah, Samuel, Caleb, and Joshua. First we trolled and got all the Spanish Mackerel that we wanted. Next we bottom fished and caught Snapper, Grouper, and some Grunts. It was a great day!

Come on down to Naples soon and experience some of this great fishing with us!

Captain Kevin Bill
Naples, Florida

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